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5 and 10 million dollar sales list for May

The sales figures are still very good, almost even with last year which was the best year ever in high end sales. There have been 47 closed sales of 10 plus million both in 2014 and this year to date. There have been 157 closed 5 million plus sales this year versus 167 at this time last year. Where we are really ahead is in the 20 million plus sales. There have been 16 sales this year of 20 plus million, versus 10 at this time last year and of the 16, ten were over 30 million. There were only 4 of 30 plus million at this time last year. There are many pending sales, as the lists show, several for 20 plus million. Of the 16 closed 20 plus million dollar sales, 13 buyers were American, 1 Chinese National, 1 French National and one Hungarian National. The breakdown of areas of the 20 plus million dollar sales are, 5 in Beverly Hills, 4 In Malibu, 2 in Bel Air, and 1 each in Sunset Strip, BHPO, Holmby Hills, Brentwood and the Palisades.

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